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Hai All,

For those who's wearing tudung n yet still wanna look beautiful n elegance.. check out my cousin blog http://www.bayucollections.blogspot.com/ . The price is reasonable.. n most important, its vey comfortable to wear and looks stunning.

All tudungs are made by her sister, Kak Dida. Kak Dida is a single mom n together with her group of frens which is single mom too... they came up with this brilliant ideas.. MAKING LOVELY TUDUNG... Bila kita membeli.. at the same time.. kita sama2 menolong menjana ekonomi mereka...

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Alhamdullilah... at last i managed to get everything done n finalised. After being adjust n edit, finaly.. im so happy with the end result.

http://www.yourimanhomedecor.blogspot.com/ is my passion in home decor item. I wish to share them with other who don't have time to come to my shop... who too buzy to shop around and who loves online shopping. Being in the home decor business for more then 2 years already "offline", I think this is the best time for me to move forward and get the benefit from "world with no boundries"...

Semoga Allah merestui segala yg dilakukan, dipermudahkan segala urusan dan memberkati setiap langkahku ini. Terima Kasih atas segala rezeki yg diberikan. Amin

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Ouchh.. what a bad feelling to start a day.. I'm not feeling well n with a stiff shoulder, nothing much i can do.. except staying home n rest.

I have to cancel few appointments. Cant force me-self anymore.. or thing mite get worse. After sending gals to school. I went to see our Famil Doctor. She gave me some pain killer n knowing me best, she made me promise that i'll stay home, rest n sleep. Hahahaha...

So... i swiched off the handphone, turn the airconditioner on, with a music by Kenny G as a background... n have a nice sleep. ZZZZZzzzz

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My new posting.. with new signature.. WALLA.. I LOVE IT... n again.. THANKS TO TULIPX. You go gal..



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Wah.. what a great pleasure... start a new page.. with a new look.

I love the templates so much. A very simple reflection of myself.. a buzy mum, wife, sister, fren n businesswoman except I dont have an ipod phone yet.. kekeekek

To my dearest fren, TULIPX. Once again.. THOUSAND THANKS.. without u.. i dont think i can come out with the new look.. refreshing of me

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